OUR PURPOSE: Our primary purpose is to lead people into a relationship with Jesus Christ through faith in His death and resurrection for personal salvation, and into an understanding of the Scriptures pertaining to all the issues of life. Secondly, to provide evangelism opportunities for volunteers of all ages to experience first-hand the challenge of world missions through short-term outreaches into countries throughout the western hemisphere by means of sharing personal testimonies, preaching, literature distribution, and the use of the arts in puppetry, drama, music, and mime.

OUR MISSION: Our mission is to build the kingdom of Christ in the earth by sharing the Gospel with every person, by discipling new believers in growth and maturity, by mobilizing and training the church in outreach evangelism, by assisting and encouraging the local church in its ministries, and by challenging young people to prayerfully consider ministry as a life-long career.

OUR VISION: Our vision is to continue to allow the Lord to broaden our horizons by giving us more of His heart and by increasing the effectiveness of our outreach. As God leads and provides, it is our desire to develop a cross-cultural training center for short-term missions internships.